Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer · Jimtown Cheerleading.. the latest in a history of excellence!!

You see them on the sidelines…you see them perform.  You admire their athleticism when doing lifts, gymnastic throws, flips and jumps.   They put in hundreds of hours learning routines, practicing athletic moves that most of us could not come close to doing.  They master musical choreography that is intense, physical and complex in scope.  They do all of this for a chance to compete against fellow cheerleaders around the State of Indiana and to represent their school and community at athletic events.

No matter the score…win, lose or draw…they are are there to lead the game!!
They are the Cheerleaders of Jimtown High School

Many followers of Jimtown Athletics may not be aware that our cheerleading squad has been very successful over the last several years in many state level and invitational competitions.  Even more impressive than that, is the fact that Jimtown has had 5 girls over the past several years go to try out and make the cheer squads at the division-1 college level.  The Jennifer Kerrn coached Jimtown team has had kids win spots on the highly competitive cheer squads at (among others), Notre Dame and Purdue.

The latest success in our cheer program that we are pleased to announce is:  Heather Bozman.  Heather has tried out and successfully been named as a member of the Purdue University All-Girl Cheerleading Squad for next year.  Heather was 1 of only 6 freshmen girls chosen for the highly competitive squad from around Indiana and the entire USA!!   Next fall, Heather will be wearing Boilermaker Black and Gold on the sidelines at Purdue University.  She will be joining our own Katie Secor, Mallory Toombs and Casey Toombs who also went on to cheer at Purdue.

Heather has been a great representative of Jimtown High School over her 4 years here.  She has been a member of several athletic teams, service clubs, National Honor Society, drama productions, musical productions as well as 4 years on the Jimtown Cheerleader Squad.  Even though she may wear black and gold next year…we know that she will always BLEED MAROON and WHITE!!   Once a Jimmie always a Jimmie.

Congratulations Heather!!