Multiple Teams · Young Jimmie Wrestlers Needed!!

Beginning November 7, 2016, the annual Jimtown Youth Wrestling Camp for K-6th grade kicks off! Our goal for this camp is to get as many young athletes involved with the sport of Wrestling and have fun while learning the wrestling basic skills.  The sport of Wrestling is the oldest sport in the world with skills that are transferable to pretty much any sport you can think of.  Football and Wrestling have many transferable positions and skills which is why many of our athletes are involved with both programs.
The High School wrestling program is having its success because those young men are products of the Jimtown Wrestling Camp and the Jimtown Wrestling Club.  We encourage as many young athletes to come out, have fun, and try the camp at a cost of $30! If they are having fun learning the sport, there will be an opportunity to join the Jimtown Wrestling Club, which will begin November 28, 2016.
Click the link below to download a flier and registration form for this camp!!

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