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Multiple Teams · Volleyball Team Bonding Activity

The Jimtown Volleyball Teams had a GREAT TIME Saturday evening at their team bonding activity.  Players started by visiting Locked Up; an interactive escape room experience where they were in a themed room, and had to use elements of that room, such as clues, which lead to more clues.  These various clues are used to solve a series or riddles, puzzles, crack code combinations, equations and locks within the set time limit of only 60 minutes.  The collaborative nature of the escape room challenge teaches that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem, and how to work together effectively.

Locked Up was awesome in working with us (Thanks Todd & Staff!) allowing Coach Stose and his coaching team behind the scenes in their Game Control Room.  There we got to observe the teams by video, with the game operator, working together to solve the rooms.  The game allows each room  3 “helps” provided through a TV in the room when they collectively asked.  Coaches did give them 1 additional “help” by typing it on the screen; but it did cost them 5 burpees (which was really funny to watch….).  One team may have even been seen doing the song & dance to I’m a little Tea Pot for an additional help… but I’m told I can’t talk about that….

It was very rewarding to watch them work together as a team, each bringing something to the entire experience.  We are very excited about this years Jimtown Volleyball Teams!


Varsity: Defused  Defused








JV: Patient 42patient 42









C-Team: Escape from Alcatraz                     alcatraz








Afterward, the team shared their experiences over ice cream.  Every good night ends with Ice Cream…