Jimmies News · Get Your Jimtown Jimmies Swag Right Here!!

The Jimtown Jimmies online store is open for business!!  This is an opportunity for folks to purchase Jimtown merchandise 24/7 online.  You can pay online with your Shop Button - 120x400credit card and the products will be shipped straight to your door.   BSN will update the products periodically to offer new things that are popular and exciting to Jimtown parents and fans and alumni.   The online store is available anytime on  Jimtownathletics.org.  The link is in the black menu bar near the top of the page.   The items can be ordered by grandparents, or relatives who perhaps live on the other side of the country but would like to have some items to support the Jimmies.   Send the link to your faShop Button - 120x600mily and friends.   A certain percentage of all sales comes back to our kids for use by the athletic department.

In addition to the perpetual online store, we will periodically offer seasonal “team stores”.  Team stores are online stores that are open for a set window of time.  You will be able to order items that are specific to that sports season, (IE: the winter team store will offer boys and girls basketball and wrestling gear).  Stay tuned for the team store information to be posted on this website as well as published on Facebook and Twitter.   Use this code below to receive 15% off for a limited time.


Click this graphic below to visit our new store or click on “MORE” at the top of the bar then the “Online Store” link inside that menu

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