Multiple Teams · Varsity VB visits Egertons at Riley Hospital

The Jimtown Volleyball Program, 7th grade to Varsity, would like to thank our families, friends, fans, referees, and even the opposing team schools for joining us in support of Baby Audrey.  With the gifts came so many inspiring acts and stories, that I wish I could tell you about them all.  For example:

IMG_8449Thank you to the long time referee who signed his pay for the match over to Baby Egerton after hearing the junior high girls share their stories between matches;

Thank you to the many who supported and shared their own stories of having a child at Riley;

Thank you Concord, who heard about our efforts and took a collection at their own home volleyball game.



Last Sunday the Varsity Team traveled to Indianapolis and visited with Ben and Sandy at Riley Hospital for Children.

On behalf of all Jimtown Volleyball players, we delivered to them our collective support and a giant card signed by every player.




We were able to visit with Ben and Sandy for a couple hours. Sandy shared an update on Baby Audrey, the progress and remaining challenges she is still facing.

Together they shared many tears and stories  through the day.


Players read what they shared with fans during their home matches.  In what Coach Sandy meant to them and how she made an lasting impact in their life.



After our time together, varsity player Anna Pope prayed for Baby Audrey, her doctors, and parents Ben and Sandy. This brought many additional tears and the girls embraced Coach Sandy as she return to be with Audrey.

The girls where not allowed upstairs into the NICU to see Baby Audrey in person, due to minimum age requirements and health concerns.  But Riley did allow Coach Stose, and wife Christy, to go upstairs.  So Coach Stose took the girls along via Facetime.

What a beautiful baby girl!!

CaptureAs Coach Stose entered the room, you could see Baby Audrey’s excitement, as she responded to the sounds of the girls voices and laughter coming through the phone.

At the girls request, mom was excited to show the girls her little toes.

Jimtown Volleyball Players set out to bless a person who had given her time and was a positive Coach and role model in their lives.  But again, players walked away from their time together feeling blessed once again.  Their strength, love and support for Baby Audrey is inspiring.  She is a lucky girl to have Ben and Sandy as parents.

Although our season is coming to an end, the needs of this family continue.  Please keep them in your prayers and your continued support would be appreciated.

Thank You Jimtown!