Jimmies News · Girls Soccer and B/G Swimming are coming to Jimtown (seeking coaches!!)

It has been said, that athletics are the “glue” that hold school communities together.   Athletics are not the reason we exist, but rather, athletic participation is another educational tool that can assist us in our efforts to produce young adults of Leadership—Responsibility—Respect and Integrity.   Many research studies have borne out the fact, that the more kids that can be engaged in athletics and activities, the more successful they are in school.  This is demonstrability easy to show statistically here at Jimtown.

Last month the Baugo Community Schools Board of Trustees approved the addition of 2 more sports to what we offer students currently at Jimtown High School.  Girls Soccer and Boys and Girls Swimming will be on the docket as early as next season.

No…despite rumors to the contrary, we will not be swimming in Baugo Creek!!   Jimtown has committed to be a part of the Elkhart Aquatic Center that is currently under construction in downtown Elkhart.  Until that awesome project is completed and ready to go, the new Jimmies swim program will most likely be sharing pool space with one of the local Elkhart County high schools–which school and where is still under negotiation.  There are quite a few families in Baugo that have kids participating in swim club teams and area swim programs.  We feel that even though we do not have a pool of our own at the high school, it is still important that these kids have an opportunity to stay engaged in a sport they love and still represent Jimtown.  This is the right thing to do!!

In addition, there are a growing number of students in the area who participate in Soccer programs and would love to represent Jimtown if we have a program.  Girls Soccer is the logical place to start as we are already “down” one girls sport because we do not have gymnastics.  In addition the landlocked nature of our campus limits the area that we have for a soccer field for games and practice.   We feel that there are a lot of girls in this area who would love to represent their community on a soccer field if given the opportunity.  Our hope is that these are girls who are not already engaged in an activities here at Jimtown and participation in soccer here will help them as they journey through high school.  Naturally, people will ask about Boys Soccer.  This may come down the road, but right now due to space issues we will initially start with a girls program.  At some point in the future, Knepp field may be an artificial surface.  If field turf ever comes to Knepp field, finding space to practice and play games will be a lot easier.


If you are aware of any folks who might be qualified to help us to get either a girls soccer program or swimming program off the launch pad and bring it into reality we would sure like to hear from them.  Obviously, we would love to have a qualified young lady to lead our girls soccer program, but certainly the level of qualification, trumps gender.   Swimming will be another challenge.  A swimming coach who knows the sport and can assist with the details  and organization that a non-swimming person (such as myself) cannot do…will be a huge asset to making our program a success for kids.

If you are aware of any folks that are are interested or qualified to help us get these programs off the ground…please ask them to email me at ndean@baugo.org.  I would love to hear from them.