Jimmies News · 1st Annual Jimtown Powerlifting Meet a Big Success

Jimtown held it’s first ever Jimtown Powerlifting Meet on Saturday,  24th.   Jimtown and Northwood had lifters there and also lifters from Elkhart Crossfit.  Elkhart Central was supposed to be sending lifters, but then with the flooding over in that area, they could not attend.   It was Jimtown’s first attempt at a Powerlifiting Meet.  We have had a Powerlifting Team for the last couple of years.  The team used to go to over to Hobart for a meet every year, but this year Hobart decided that they were discontinuing that event.

Jimtown French Teacher, Halle Hill and  Coach, Brad Trosper who organize and coach the Jimtown Powerlifitng Team decided that maybe it was time for us to have a local meet.   Getting the word out to teams that might want to come and have some friendly competition was only the start of the challenge.  Organizing, moving the heavy equipment to the gym and providing padding and plywood to protect the gym floor was of utmost importance.  Jimtown does not have a “fieldhouse” like some of the bigger schools over in the region, so getting the racks and weights and bars and all of that stuff down to the competition gym was a ridiculous undertaking.   Halle Hill provided an unbelieveable amount of research and organization to make this thing work.  Halle organized the flights, researched the scoring and did a ton of work behind the scenes to make this meet possible.  Brad Trosper planned out the logistics of how we were physically going to have the meet in the gym, got donations for the plywood and food and so forth and organized helpers to run the meet.

A big shout out and thank you also goes to Dwaine Crocker and OC Cafe who donated money and food to feed the workers for the meet.  All Jimtown Atheltics fans should show their appreciation to Dewey by stopping in for a breakfast or lunch at OC Cafe!!   We appreciate his willingness to help make this happen.  We would also like to offer a big thank-you to Jason Thompson and NG-3 who showed up to sell concessions at the meet including Port-O-Pit Chicken.

We could probably never offer an event at Jimtown like this were it not for the volunteer efforts of people like Brad Trosper and Halle Hill.  They don’t do it for money and they don’t do it for recognition.  They do it because they love kids—they love fitness and they love Jimtown.   The positive feedback on the meet was a LOT!!   Next year, I guarantee that we will have more athletes participate as word of mouth spreads.


A power lifting meet is organized by male-female and also by body weight similar to wrestling.  Heavier lifters compete against lifters that are similar in size to themselves.  An individual gets more points by lifitng a great percentage of their body weight.   .   There are 3 total lifts that make up the competition—squats, bench press, and deadlift.   In the end, The Northwood Panther lifters edged out Jimtown by 4 points to win the meet.   The total team competition, however is not the main thing here as all the teams cheer for one another and encourage each other to lift a big weight that they are trying to do.  Personal records and improving your personal strength are the ultimate goal in weightlifting.  It is so refreshing at an event like this to see kids from other schools encouraging each other in sportsmanship and maximum effort.

Here is how the Jimtown Weight-Lifters did at the end of the day…


114 lb Mason Miller 1st

123 lb Andrew Coble 1st

132 lb Seth Crocker 1st,    Nick Snyder 2nd,       Andrew Emigh 5th

148 lb Thaddeus Pratt 1st, Marcus Lange 2nd

181 lb Brandon Trosper 3rd,    Jared Lyle 5th

198 lb Dillon Hientzberger 2nd,    Dylon Ramey 4th,    Tony Pletcher 5th

220 lb AJ Schnider 2nd,    Jacob Koets 3rd,    Devonte Brown 4th

HWT Austin Wise 3rd


Straw weight: Allie Woods 2nd,   Cassidy Carrol 4th,    Gianna Desimone 5th

Bantam weight: Julie Burkholder 2nd,   Gabby Desimone 3rd,   Victoria Navarro 5th

Light weights: Grace Crocker 4th,   Callie Campbell 5th

Welter weights: Elizabeth Turpin 2nd,   Emily Newland 3rd,   Gigi Ladeira 4th

Team Scores:       Northwood 94     Jimtown     90       Elkhart Crossfit    22