Jimmies News · “Why Not Just Let ‘Em Have Fun”??

Your son or daughter might be good at a particular sport.  They might be REAL good.   They might want to play in college.  THAT WOULD BE AWESOME IF THAT HAPPENS!!   We will back their play and do everything to help reach that goal.   We have had several of  our student athletes do very well at the college level!!

But…please understand…..Education-Based Athletics does not exist as a “feeder program” for college athletics.   Our programs exist alongside the classroom as a learning tool.  A fun, LIFE lesson learning tool.  Leadership, Integrity, Responsibility, Problem-Solving and Working Hard to reach goals…these are just some of the lessons learned at Jimtown through participation in athletics and activity programs.

So why not JUST LET EM HAVE FUN?  Let em play–let em play as many sports as they can and let the chips fall where they may?  If they are good enough…colleges will find them.  I guarantee that they will find them!!

What are chances that your son or daughter will play sports at the college level?   Here are some stats that were recently released by the NCAA.  Take a look!!   The entire PDF is at the bottom.

NCAA Research