Multiple Teams · Winter Sports Season Draws to a Close at Awards Night

Jimtown High School held the Fall Sports Awards program on Monday, March 12.  The awards program is a chance to not only honor those standout athletes on the court, field, or mat,  but also to recognize those student-athletes who exemplify the BEST of scholar-athletes during that season.  Pictured above are the MVP’s of the winter campaign:

Front Row:  Yareli Toledo, MVP Cheerleading,  Jamie Lawson, Offesive MVP, Girls Basketball, Lauren Wolfe, Defensive MVP, Girls Basketball
2nd Row (middle):   Matt Gimson, Co-MVP, Wrestling, Hunter Watts, Co-MVP Wrestling, Conner Gimson, Co-MVP Wrestling
3rd Row (top):   Austin Pearison, MVP Boys Basketball
Jimtown Athletics is proud to have had the following major awards also presented on Monday night:

120# State Wrestling Champion Hunter Watts and Jimtown Head Wrestling Coach, Jerimiah Maggart
Boys Basketball:
MVP – Austin Pearison
Most Improved – Bill Pawlak
Mental Attitude – Mike Laws

Girls Basketball:

Offensive MVP – Jamie Lawson
Defensive MVP – Lauren Wolfe
Mental Attitude- Abby Snider
Most Improved- Jocelyn Sandoval


MVP – Hunter Watts, Matt Gimson, Conner Gimson   (3- way tie…all state qualifiers)
Most Improved –  Daerin Pontius
Mental Attitude –    Yvens  Reisacher
Here are some statistics that were tracked this season for our athletes at Jimtown.  You can see that the athleSpring 009tes at Jimtown perform very well also in the classroom and in fact many times do better than the students as a whole (including those who do not engage with extra-curricular activities at Jimtown)
Girls Basketball:

9  students on the roster

5 out of 9  made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.331 (down from 3.402 last year)

High GPA winners on each Winter Team are: (Left to Right) Cami Landon, Cheerleading, Hunter Watts, Wrestling, Jamie Lawson, Girls Basketball, Clay Campbell, Boys Basketball

Highest GPA on the team: Jamie Lawson  with a 4.330 (perfect GPA)

H.M. goes to Abbi Snider with a 4.141


Boys Basketball:   

28 students on the roster

20 out of 28 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:   3.382 (up from 3.13 last year)

Highest GPA on the team:  Clay Campbell with a 4.236

H.M. goes Braedon Brubaker and Nate Behrens with a 4.0 or higher



28 students on the roster

18 out of 28 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.070 (up from 2.825)

Indiana Wrestling Coaches Association Academic All-State: (L-R) Bryce Track, Conner Gimson, Matt Gimson, Hunter Watts, Cory Green

Highest GPA on the team:  Hunter Watts with a 4.110



24 students on the roster

18 out of 24 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.563 (up from 3.276 last year)

Highest GPA on the team: Cami Landon with a 4.330 (perfect GPA)

H.M. goes to Carmella Kelly, Liz Kallamani, Grace Crocker, McKenna Farrell, and Morgan Weesner who were 4.0 or higher

  • A total of 90 students were on athletic rosters for the winter of 2017-2018 (down from 107 last year)
  • 61 of the 90 made the honor roll on the last grading period—which is a minimum of 3.0.  

This is a percentage of 68% of all winter athletes at Jimtown High School are on the honor roll. (Up from 61% last year)

  • The average GPA of all 90 students who participated in athletics this winter:  3.301 (up from 3.09 last year)
  • The average GPA of all students at JHS including all those who did not participate in athletics: 2.864
  • A difference of a C+ to a B- average

Our winter student athletes have an attendance percentage of 95.5% (which is higher than the school as a whole which hovers right at 91%  Our winter student athletes have 35% less tardies than non-participants.