Jimmies News · Supplemental Insurance is Available for All Jimtown Students K-12

Many people might nGTEN020ot be aware, but Jimtown has partnered with Markel Insurance to provide families some options for auxiliary accident insurance.

The optional plan that is offered to families is designed to supplement your families’ personal insurance an cover students inside or outside of school and school activities.  There are affordable options available for all Jimtown kids (not just high school students and not just athletes) that can cover students either during school time or school sponsored activities, but also 24/7 during the school year.  Of course, if students are involved in higheGTEN017r risk sports the price of the coverage is a little more expensive.

Check out the information form by clicking the link below.  Jimtown does not process the insurance or rGTEN018egister families…this all done online with Markel or over the phone (see attached informational form).   Please pass this information on to other families that you know in Baugo that might be interested.

Very affordable supplemental coverage can be purchased by families of ANY student at Baugo Community Schools!!

Click the links below for additional information and instructions on enrollment…..

K12 Student Accident Brochure – REV 2.6.18

K12 Student Accident flyer 2018 – REV 2.6.18