Jimmies News · Elkhart Kiwanis Honors Spring Athletes + Jimtown Tennis Standout Heads to St. Mary’s

2018 Elkhart Kiwanis Student Athletes of the Spring. L-R: Bryce Track, Jenna Jaskolka, Sarah Gletty and Nathan Hochstetler

The Elkhart Chapter of the Kiwanis Clubs of America held their spring luncheon on Tuesday, May 15th to honor those standout student athletes from the area who distinguish themselves not only on the field of competition, but also in the classroom and in the community. Kiwanis holds this luncheon near the end of each sports season.  Student-athletes are honored from Jimtown, Concord, Elkhart Memorial and Elkhart Central High Schools.  Students are nominated by their coaches and selected by school administration.  To qualify, students must be a leader not only on their team(s) but also in the classroom and the hallways of the school.

Jimtown #1 Singles Player Jenna Jaskolka signs her letter of intent with her coach, Tim Courliss (right) and her mother, Suzette Jaskolka

Jimtown was pleased to have a double-celebration on May 15th as our standout #1 singles player on our girls tennis team was not only honored by the Elkhart Kiwanis Club but also recently signed her national letter of intent to continue her tennis and academic career at St Mary’s of Notre Dame.

Jenna Jaskolka and other senior teammates from the 2018 Jimtown Girls Tennis Team

Jimtown was pleased to have a signing ceremony in our lobby on May 3rd for Jenna Jaskolks to announce the signing.  Jenna has been the #1 singles player for Jimtown for the last 3 seasons.  She will attend St. Mary’s in the fall to play tennis and also to pursue her secondary education for a degree as a registered nurse.  People need to understand that St. Mary’s is not an easy school to get in.  They don’t take just anybody.   Jenna Jaskolka is an outstanding student at Jimtown and has been an outstanding leader on our tennis team in the #1 singles role.   Here is the write up that was read to today at the Kiwanis Club about Jenna Jaskolka

  • Senior at Jimtown High School
  • Member of our girls tennis team for 4 years
  • She has been the #1 singles player for the last 3 years (since her sophomore year)
  • Head Coach Tim Courliss says that “We have seen a tremendous amount of growth from Jenna over the last couple of years.  She more than willing to accept the leadership and responsibility of being the #1 singles player on the team.  Her leadership in this role has been incredibly valuable to our team and the improvement of the other girls on the team.”
  • Jenna has also been a runner with our Cross-Country team for the last 2 years.
  • Member of the National Honor Society
  • Has participated in the area Relay for Life over the last 6 years
  • Jenna is volunteer at the Humane Society of Elkhart County
  • Jenna maintains a 4.01 GPA at Jimtown (on a 4.0 scale), while taking the toughest honors level and dual credit courses that we offer at Jimtown.  She is ranked 6th out of her class of 112 students and will graduate on June 3rd with an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma
  • Jenna has been on the high honor roll every grading period at Jimtown
  • Jenna has been accepted to attend college locally in the fall at St Mary’s College of Notre Dame.  She will play tennis there and study to become a Registered Nurse.
  • I love Jenna Jaskolka because she is a vocal leader.  She is not afraid to say what is on her mind and tell it like it is.  She works hard in the classroom and the athletic field and expects the same from others.

Jimtown was also pleased to also honor 3 other seniors at the Elkhart Kiwanis Luncheon:  Sarah Gletty from Softball, Bryce Track from Boys Track and Nathan Hochstetler from Boys Track.  All three of these seniors have represented Jimtown with respect, responsibility, integrity and leadership.  We could not be prouder of your efforts.  Here is the bio information that was shared today at the Kiwanis Luncheon on each of these students:

Sarah Gletty—Softball

  • Senior at Jimtown High School
  • Sarah has been a member of our softball team for the past years.  She has participated in our softball feeder programs (J-Shock) since she was a little kid.
  • She has been a starter or major participant on our varsity softball team for the last 2 years.
  • Sarah is one of the better hitters on the Jimtown Softball team.   She has had a hit in every game this season that she has played in.  
  • Sarah is a very versatile softball player for Jimtown.  She can play infield, or outfield and is willing to play wherever she is needed.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to win a softball game.
  • Head Jimtown Softball Coach Brandy Eberhart says that, “Sarah Gletty has been a very good senior leader on our team from the moment that we started pre-season conditioning and open gym workouts”.  She is very unselfish and willing to do whatever I ask of her to help the team.”
  • Sarah has also been a member of the Jimtown Volleyball program for the last 4 years and played basketball her 9th grade year.
  • Sarah helps to produce the Jimtown Yearbook and has served as one of the student editors for the past 2 years.
  • She has volunteered for the last 3 years to produce meals for “Feed my starving children”
  • Sarah works very hard for her grades and does not take anything for granted.  She is ranked in the top half of her class and has been on either the principal’s honor roll or regular honor roll  at Jimtown every grading period in high school
  • Sarah will graduate on June 3rd with a Core 40 Diploma
  • Future Plans are to attend IUSB in the fall and major in Graphic Design and Photography
  • I love Sarah Gletty because she loves Jimtown.  She works hard and wants everyone else to do the same.  Sometimes things don’t always go the way we want them to, but I have never seen Sarah quit.  She will get up, dust herself off and try again.

Nathan Hochstetler—Boys Track

  • Nathan is a senior at Jimtown High School
  • Nate is here today as a representative of the boys track team.  He is a distance runner on our track team. He has participated as a track and field athlete at Jimtown for the last 4 years.
  • Nate has also been a 3 year member of our cross-country team in the fall.  This past season, Nate switched to boys tennis and was instrumental in a record setting season in boys tennis at Jimtown, including the 2nd sectional championship in school history.
  • Coach Joe Linville is quoted as saying this about Nate Hochstetler, “Nate is the closest thing that I have ever had in 24 years of coaching as an assistant coach amongst the students”.  Nate is brilliant. He knows what is needed on the team at any time and even though he is a very quiet and and soft-spoken person, he is not shy about getting other members of the team lined up in the right spot, on task when they are off, or calmed down when they are upset.   He is not the fastest or most talented runner I have ever had, but I will miss Nate Hochstetler more than any other runner I have coached”.
  • Nate is also a member of the Jimtown National Honor Society and National Technical Honor Society.
  • He has attended the Elkhart Area Career Center over the last 2 years for Industrial Automation and Robotics.  
  • Nathan Hochstetler is ranked #1 in the class of 2018 at Jimtown.  He carries a ridiculous GPA of 4.21. Perfect A+ in high school is 4.33.  Nate has no grade on his transcript at Jimtown in 4 years that is below an A.
  • This has not been officially announced yet, but Nathan Hochstetler will most certainly be the Valedictorian for the Jimtown High School Class of 2018 on June 3rd in Jerry Cook Court
  • Future Plans:  Will attend Purdue University in the fall to major in Engineering
  • I love Nate Hochstetler because despite his obvious academic and cognitive gifts, Nate is not a one-sided person. He loves to develop is physical side as well as his academic side.  He is a quiet leader that shows his leadership by taking on challenges in the classroom as well as athletic field of competition—backing down from NOTHING.

Bryce Track—Boys Track

  • Bryce is a senior at Jimtown High School
  • Bryce is representing us today for Boys Track…however..
  • Bryce is a 3 sport athlete at Jimtown.   He is also a defensive starter on our football team and a varsity wrestler on our wrestling team at 182 pounds.  Bryce has participated in wrestling and football for 4 years
  • Bryce was a 1st team all NIC Nose tackle
  • And 1st team all -academic team member in the NIC
  • Academic all-state in wrestling
  • Bryce was named a Burger King Student Athlete of the Week in football
  • Bryce was also named a Channel 46 Student Athlete of the Week in Football
  • He was named as a 2018 nominee for the Moose Krause chapter of the Indiana Football Hall of Fame Scholarship.
  • He is the recipient of the NG3 Scholarship  and was named most-improved in football
  • All of Bryce’s coaches, Mike Campbell in football, Jeremiah Maggart in Wrestling and Joe Linville in track all say the same things about Bryce: “Bryce is not the most gifted athlete we have ever had at Jimtown, but he is the kind of kid that every coach wants to have on their team.  He will do whatever you ask of him without complaint. He will work hard and give 100% until he cannot go anymore.
  • Member of the National Honor Society    1 Year in Jimtown’s DECA program
  • He has been an umpire in the Baugo Little League for the past 3 summers
  • He has volunteered for community service for 5 years with Feed my Starving Children
  • In the classroom, Bryce carries a very impressive GPA  of 3.7. He is ranked 17th out of 112. He will graduate on June 3rd with an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma.
  • Future Plans:  Bryce’s college is still undecided, but he intends to study to one day enter law school and become a lawyer.
  • I love Bryce Track because he does not back down from a challenge.  Nobody has told Bryce that he is not supposed to be able to hold his own at Nose tackle against a 300 pound lineman when he is only 180 pounds.  He does it all the time and he does it with a smile on his face.