Jimmies News · Elkhart Kiwanis Honors 4 Jimtown Fall Athletes

Pictured are (L-R) Trae Brubaker, Cassidy Stose and Braedon Brubaker NOTE: SueAnn Vandygriff is not pictured. She could not attend the awards program as Jimtown had this week off school and her family had scheduled a trip.
On Tuesday, November 20th, the Kiwanis Club of Elkhart honored outstanding student-athletes from Jimtown, Memorial, Central and Concord.  This annual Kiwanis program aims to spotlight those students in our area schools that are not only recognized for their excellence on the field or court, but also for their excellence in the classroom and leadership roles at school.   The Kiwanis Club has this program near the end of each of the sports season and then has a year-end program at the end of the school year.
We are very thankful and appreciative of our local Kiwanis Club for putting on a program like this.  It allows us to really shine a light on the important things in Education-Based Athletics…..(hint…it’s not about the scoreboard!!).   THANKS SO MUCH!!

Jimtown decides it’s honorees through the nominations and input from the coaching staff of each of their sports.  This winter…we are pleased to honor 2 young ladies and 2 young men that have been leaders at Jimtown both on and off the field.
From Volleyball this season, we are pleased to honor 2 outstanding senior athletes:  Sue Vandygriff and Cassidy Stose.

Both Sue and Cassidy have been 4 year members of our volleyball team.   This year, both of them were named to the All-Conference NIC Volleyball team (Cassidy to 1st team and SueAnn to 2nd team).  Both of them also were named to the NIC All-Academic Team, which is reserved for seniors in that sport that have carried at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA through that sport’s season.  Both of these young ladies are excellent volleyball players and have contributed in mighty ways to the success of the program.  It is very important to also point out what great leaders both of them have been in the classroom and hallways of Jimtown High School.   Here are some talking points about both young ladies that were presented at the Kiwanis presentation on November 20th:

Sueann Vandygriff:

  • Sue is a senior at Jimtown
  • SueAnn has been a participant on Jimtown’s volleyball team all 4 years of high school.  
  • at 6”1” Sue is the tallest player on our team.  Sue lead the team this year in blocks and hitting efficiency.  She hit with a .225 average with 158 kills.
  • Sue was chosen as a member of the 2nd Team All-NIC Volleyball team.
  • Academically, Sue carries an impressive 4.253 GPA and is ranked 3rd in her class of 148.
  • She is enrolled in the toughest dual credit courses that we have to offer at Jimtown and will graduate this spring with an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma.
  • Sue is currently involved in a 1/2 day internship with a local veterinarian clinic
  • Sue will attend college in the fall at as of yet undecided institution with the possible study of Veterinarian Medicine
  • You can bet that with her intelligence and work ethic, that Sue Vandygriff will be successful in whatever areas that chooses to focus on.

Cassidy Stose:

  • a senior at Jimtown
  • Cassidy has been a 4 -year varsity player for Jimtown Volleyball.   She has been playing volleyball for 10 years total including participation in the area NIVA volleyball program since she was a little kid
  • Cassidy’s father Bill is the head volleyball coach at Jimtown and also coaches the younger kids in NIVA volleyball in the off-season.
  • Many of us here understand the pressures and scrutiny that players are under when their parent is the head coach.  People assume things about you that are not true and assume that you are having the success that you are having simply because your parent is the coach
  • I can tell you that with Cassidy…this is ABSOLUTELY false.  Cassidy is a wonderful, skilled and athletic volleyball player because she has worked her tail off to become so.   If we had 4 or 5 more girls that have put in the time and effort that Cassidy has, we would be contending for regional and semi state titles in volleyball.
  • Cassidy lead our team in kills with 269 and digs with 320.
  • She was named a member of the 1st team All-NIC volleyball team
  • Cassidy is also a competitive cheerleader and has participated in that for 10 years as well as being a member of the Jimtown Cheerleading squad.
  • In addition, Cassidy has been a 4 year participant in track and field and is a very fine pole vaulter during that season.
  • Academically, Cassidy carries an outstanding GPA of 4.11 out of 4.0.  She is ranked 9th in her class of 148.
  • She was named as an NIC All-Academic Team member for this season in volleyball.
  • Cassidy is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, DECA and was selected to be on our IHSAA Student Leadership Committee
  • Cassidy plans on attending either the University of Louisville, Indiana University or Purdue University (still undecided).  She would like to continue her cheerleading career at the college level and is hoping to study Pre-Med. She would like to be successful in Pre-Med and then enter the medical field in an area related to children.
  • I love Cassidy because she is a leader.  She is a bright, intelligent young lady who uses her gifts to the best of her ability.  She always makes those around her better. I am very sure that Cassidy Stose will be successful in whatever she does at the next level.
On the boys side, we were honored to select 2 young men from our football team.  This was a first for us (to my knowledge), in that both of our honorees, are twin brothers.  Braedon and Trae Brubaker were both 2-way, senior players on our 2018 Jimtown Football team.   Both of these young men made the NIC All-Conference team in football and like the young ladies from the volleyball team, both Braedon and Trae both were selected as members of the NIC All-Academic Team.   Please review the talking points below that were presented at the Kiwanis Club meeting on November 20th:

Trae Brubaker:

  • a senior at Jimtown
  • Trae has played football at Jimtown since he started in Jimtown Rocket Football in 3rd grade.
  • Trae never actually got to play high school football until this, his senior year, because he tore his ACL in 8th grade.  He had surgery on the knee, rehabbed it and then tore it again prior to his first year as a 9th grader. Trae then tore the ACL again playing basketball as a sophomore.  He elected to not have surgery the 3rd time and sadly, thought he had to give up contact sports.
  • This past spring and summer, Trae decided (much to his parents concern) that he was going to wear a heavy brace for his knee and try to play football for the Jimmies.  At least he would be able to be on the team for his senior year-even if the knee did not hold out.
  • Well…the knee did hold out and Trae became a two-way starter for the Jimmies.  He started as defensive end for the Jimmies and He also started 10 games for the Jimmies as an offensive tackle.
  • At that defensive end, Trae had 37 total tackles.  He lead the team with 9 tackles for loss. and was voted as a member of the 2nd team All-NIC team.
  • Obviously…Trae was named as the “Comeback Player of the Year” for the Jimmies football team.
  • Academically Trae is one of the best students in the senior class.  He carries a cumulative GPA of 3.93 and is ranked 24th in his class of 148.   
  • Trae was also recently named to the NIC All-Academic Team for football.
  • Trae is a member of the Jimtown chapter of the National Honor Society and participates in Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • Trae currently attends classes at Jimtown for ½ the day as he participates in a professional internship with Hoosier Crane in Elkhart.
  • Trae is a gifted tinkerer and loves fixing mechanical things.  Hoosier Crane has seen Trae’s talents and has really been trying to get him to stay around to work at Hoosier Crane in the future—these are the kind of kids that we want to make SURE keep their energies and talents right here in Elkhart
  • Trae plans to go to college for a degree in Electrical Engineering (undecided where at this point) and then return to work for the Hoosier Crane Service Company in the future
  • I love Trae because he is the very epitome of “grit”, goal setting and leadership that we preach about to our athletes.  He could take the easy path on many occasions, but he chose to take the hard path and it is not just about football or athletics.   Don’t be surprised if you hear about Trae Brubaker in the future being a big wig at Hoosier Crane or one of the other local companies.

Braedon Brubaker:

  • a senior at Jimtown
  • Braedon is the Twin Brother of Trae Brubaker (they are obviously not identical twins)
  • Braedon as played football at Jimtown all 4 years of high school and really all the way up from Rocket Football in 3rd grade
  • Braedon is a 3-sport athlete at Jimtown.  Besides Football, Braedon also is a 4 year player on our basketball team and played Golf in the spring since his sophomore year, and track his 9th grade year.
  • As a football player for Jimtown, Braedon was a starting defensive back.  He lead the team with 7 passes defended. He did not get beat deep 1 time this entire year.  Braedon is a very fast player. He was the one that we relied on often to cover the fastest wideouts from our opponents.   In the NIC, there are a LOT of fast wideouts.
  • As a receiver on offense, Braedon did have 1 reception for a 27 yard touchdown against John Glenn.
  • Braedon was named as an honorable mention member of the All _NIC football team and was named as the team’s “Most Improved Player” at awards night
  • Academically, Braedon is a gifted performer in the classroom.  He carries a cumulative GPA of 3.94. and was named as a member of the NIC All-Academic Team for football.
  • He is ranked 23rd out of his class of 148…one spot ahead of his brother.
  • Braedon plans to attend college (still undecided at this time) to study_______
  • I love Braedon because he is a kid that you just can’t beat.  You can’t whip him. He is just going to keep getting back up and coming at you again and again.   He is one of those young men and is going to be there, bust his tail and would run through a brick wall for the Jimmies if the his coaches asked him to.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Braedon Brubaker
  • On a personal note, I have to say that this presentation today is making me feel very old.   You see, I have literally seen Trae and Braedon Brubaker grow up in front of my eyes. They have grown up across the street from me.   The twins’ mother, Marcie is a colleague of mine. She is the Principal at Jimtown Intermediate School. I have known these two since they were born and have been able to witness their growth over the last 18 years—I cannot believe that they are seniors in high school.    Both have turned out to be fine, respectable and honorable young men–I am personally proud of both of them as I can point to others to come and say, “this….this is what a Jimmie is supposed to look like”