Jimmies News · Discount Golf Packages Available Once Again

Attention all golfers or potential golfers….Once again this year, we are pleased to offer discount golf packages for area courses.   Please read the message below from our Discount Golf Package partner, RO Sales.   What is new this year is that all of your discount or 2-for-1 coupons can be used at any of the courses on the list an unlimited amount of times.  You can use the coupons all at the SAME course if you wish.Remember that a portion of the sale of these discount golf coupons, goes to support Jimtown Athletics.  If you wish to purchase one or more of the discount golf packages, you will need to come in to see or contact Kathy Spaugh in the athletic office at 295-2343 ext 2007 Please see the attached map of all of the golf courses in the Northern Part of Indiana that are included in this package

I am offering you all a New Incredible Golf Special this year which will ALLOW YOU TO USE ALL THE TICKETS AT 1 GOLF COURSE (WITH Individual or MULTIPLE PLAYERS) OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO USE THEM AT AS MANY OR ALL OF THE COURSES ON THE PACKAGE THIS YEAR!  As a Fundraiser through Jimtown Athletics, we will receive a kick-back from the proceeds from this Special.  Spring is here and the Golfers are ready to start playing!  If you can view the attached copy of this Golf Pkg., you can place your order of how many Golf Pkg’s you want with Kathy Spaugh at the Athletic Office, before The end of April and have $69.99 Cash (OVER $600 VALUE) or Checks made payable to R O Sales, Inc. for $74.99.

The Golf Pkg’s will be avail to be picked up at the Athletic Office after May 2nd, so that you can start using them immediately.  Tickets are valid everyday of the week and also on weekends, unless otherwise stated on the tickets!

Please notice the participating Courses on the copy of the Pkg below, which includes: Christiana Creek, Bent Oak CC, Raber GC, McCormick Creek, Maxwelton,  Black Squirrel, Rozella Ford and 32 other Courses you can play at, if you choose to travel to them. There are 12 tickets on this package and 2 sided this yr. with the New addition of Several Courses.

*Remember that these passes can all be used at 1 or 2 courses OR they can play at all 39 Courses. 

Click here to see the entire package:   ROSales_pf4

Then the back side of the tickets are valid at 22 Courses until June

2020 and offer:

4-Free Rounds (Carts Required)

8- 2 for 1 Golf w/Carts


The Front side of the tickets are valid until June 2020 at 17 Courses that


4- FREE Rounds (Carts required)

4- 2 for 1 Golf w/Cart

4- Foursomes for $120 w/Carts

($140 at Glendarin Hills GC)

Valid 7 Days/week at all 39 Course (unless otherwise stated on the tickets) or use all at 1 Course until June 2020!!!

OVER $600 in Golf for ONLY $69.99 again! **As an Added Bonus, receive an additional 4 Free Rounds (Carts Required) valid until end of June 2019 at South Bend Courses (Elbel & Erskine GC) to start this year off**

I was able to put this together this year to help Fundraise for our Athletic Dept and want to make this avail for Everyone. You are able to pick up Golf Packages from Jimtown HS Athletics after May 2nd!