Jimmies News · Kiwanis Student Athletes of the Spring

The Kiwanis Student Athletes of the Spring from Jimtown High School: L-R: Dustin Whitman, Alex Hohl, Kaitlyn Margraf, Anna Pope
On Tuesday, May 14th, the Kiwanis Club of Elkhart honored outstanding student-athletes from Jimtown, Memorial, Central and Concord.  This annual Kiwanis program aims to spotlight those students in our area schools that are not only recognized for their excellence on the field or court, but also for their excellence in the classroom and leadership roles at school.   The Kiwanis Club has this program near the end of each of the sports season and then has a year-end program at the end of the school year.
We are very thankful and appreciative of our local Kiwanis Club for putting on a program like this.  It allows us to really shine a light on the important things in Education-Based Athletics.   THANKS SO MUCH!!

Jimtown decides it’s honorees through the nominations and input from the coaching staff of each of their sports.  This spring…we are pleased to honor 2 young ladies and 2 young men that have been leaders at Jimtown both on and off the field.

Kaitlyn Margraf—-Girls Tennis

  •  is a senior at Jimtown High School
  • She is here today for Girls Tennis
  • Kaitlyn has been a member of our tennis team all 4 years in high school.  She also played volleyball for a couple of years at Jimtown.
  • This year Kaitlyn is the #1 singles player for the Jimmies.   
  • Prior to this year, 9th -11th grade year, Kaitlyn played doubles with her partner Anna Pope who is also with us here today.  
  • Kaitlyn is a solid tennis player and has won more matches than she has lost.   She has been a solid leader for Jimtown Tennis.
  • Academically at Jimtown, Kaitlyn carries a ridiculous, unweighted GPA of 4.32   She had one class in 4 years that was an A instead of an A+. That one A spoiled a perfect transcript
  • Obviously Kaitlyn is ranked number one in her class.  She will be Jimtown’s class of 2019 valedictorian at commencement on June 2nd
  • She will graduate with the highest honors that we can award
  • Kaitlyn is also a member of the Jimtown National Honor Society and has participated in a number of volunteer activities that NHS has been involved in
  • She is our student council treasurer and has served in that role for her 11th and 12th grade years.
  • Kaitlyn plans on attending Purdue University in the fall.  She will be taking Pharmacological Studies and studying to become a Pharmacist.
  • We respect and chose Kaitlyn Margraf to be here today to represent Jimtown because she is living-breathing proof that all good athletes are NOT dumb jocks.  You can be a world-class student and also represent your school and community on the court, field or track. If kids tell you that they can’t play sports because they are going to focus on their grades—they’re lying.   All of the other AD’s in the room will back this up and years of statistics show that kids that stay engaged with their school and community through participation in athletics—almost always have better grades, school attendance and behavior than those that don’t.

Anna Pope—Girls Tennis

  • Anna is a senior at Jimtown High School
  • Anna came here today to represent Girls Tennis
  • Anna is also a very good Volleyball player and has been on our volleyball team for 4 years
  • Anna has been a previous winner of the MVP award in tennis and also mental attitude award winner.
  • In volleyball, Anna this year, Anna won the Mental attitude award and she was named “Most Improved” her Junior year
  • As mentioned previously with Kaitlyn’s introduction, Anna is the number 2 singles player this year for the Jimmies, but in the 3 years leading up to this year, she was Katilyn’s doubles partner.   Both young ladies have been varsity players for Jimtown for 4 years in high school. During their time as doubles partners this duo had an overall record of 32-20.
  • Jimtown Head Coach, Tim Couliss says, “Kaitlyn Margraf and Anna Pope have both been outstanding student athletes for our Jimtown tennis program. They have demonstrated excellent work ethic as they balanced putting time into improving their tennis games and being responsible with academics and other extracurricular activities. I’m proud of what they were able to accomplish on the courts, and I’m honored to have been a part of that while coaching them these past four years.”
  • Anna is very active in her church.  She serves in the Children’s Ministry and on the Worship Leadership Team.  Anna’s father Mark is the lead pastor at the Vineyard Church on Jackson road that is visible as you travel down the bypass toward South Bend.
  • Anna is a member of the Jimtown National Honor Society
  • Anna also carries an unbelievable GPA of 4.26.   
  • Ironically, Anna is ranked #2 in her class and will be the salutatorian for the class of 2019 at our commencement on June 2nd.
  • So…in case you didn’t catch that…our best doubles tennis team and current #1 and #2 singles players are also number 1 and number 2 academically in the class of 2019.  That is pretty incredible.
  • Anna will be attending Bethel College in the fall.  She will be studying to become a Registered Nurse and will also play college tennis for the Pilots
  • What can you say about kids like Anna Pope?   I can tell you that we cannot ever take kids like this for granted.  Anna is a sweet Christian, young lady who has been a wonderful role model and leader within the Jimtown Community.

Dustin Whitman—-Baseball

  • Dustin is a Junior at Jimtown High School
  • Dustin is here for baseball
  • He has been a letter-winner on our baseball team for the last 3 years.
  • Dustin plays shortstop for the Jimmies and is the guy we rely on to be our captain of the infield.  He is a spark plug for us at that position.
  • Dustin is also one of our best hitters   currently batting .373 which leads the team.  He also led the team in batting average last year.
  • 14 RBIs  2 doubles
  • 10 runs scored
  • Dustin is also a very good football player for Jimtown.
  • This past fall, Dustin was named to the first team  All-NIC football team
  • He was our special-teams MVP
  • He has great hands…was our best wide receiver last year and also returns punts and kickoffs.
  • Our head baseball Coach, Cory Stoner says that Dustin Whitman is a true leader on our baseball team.  He is a quiet and unassuming kid, so his leadership is not always with words. When you watch our team play, there is no question who the other kids look to to get a rally started or how to act in any situation.  Coach, says that Dustin is the kind of player we want our younger kids to emulate.
  • Dustin will be inducted into the National Honor Society this Sunday at Jimtown.
  • After 2 and half semesters of grades in his permanent record, Dustin carries a very respectable GPA of 3.7 in the classroom.
  • His future plans are undecided—-Dustin will have his senior year, next year to continue to play sports, stay engaged in his classes and school activities.   We will see what the future then brings
  • I respect Dustin because he is a young man that just loves to play.  You can strip away all the other stuff, throw the kid a ball and he is ready to go.  You will never see or hear of him bad mouthing a coach or his teammates. He is just a great kid.

Alex Hohl—Track and Field

  • Alex Hohl is a senior at Jimtown
  • Alex is here today for Track and Field.  
  • Alex is a hurdler for the Jimmies.  More specifically, he is one of the best hurdlers in the area.  
  • Alex has been on the Jimtown track team, all 4 years in high school.  He has gotten better each and every year in hurdles
  • Alex is not only a great hurdler, he is also very fast, one of the fastest sprinters on the team as well.  Coaches will also put him in some of our sprint relays.
  • Last year as a junior, Alex got 2nd place in the 110 HH in the NIC was 4th place in the sectional and 6th place in the regional.  With that 6th place finish, he barely missed out on a trip to the state finals.
  • So far this year (his senior year), Alex got 6th place in the Hoosier State Relays, was the NIC champion in the 110m hurdles and was second in the NIC in the 300m IM hurdles.  
  • The second place finish was fast enough to break the Jimtown High School record in the 300m Intermediates
  • Sectionals are this Thursday in Goshen. We will have to wait to see how he does, but he has to be considered one of the top prospects in the 110 high hurdles
  • Coach Linville says that Alex Hohl is one of the best leaders that he has ever coached in 30 years of coaching track.  He is not afraid to get on the other teammates that may not be giving it their all, or screwing around instead of working hard.  
  • Alex is a member of the Jimtown National Honor Society
  • He is a member of our principal’s honor roll
  • Alex volunteers in our PEERS program
  • He has been very active in 4H as 10 year member.
  • Alex caries an excellent 3.9 an is ranked 24th in his class of 140.   He has certainly not taken “fluff” courses. His transcript contains classes like, “Dual-credit Trigonometry, Calculus, and PLTW Engineering”
  • He will graduate on June 2nd from Jimtown High School with both an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma and a Core 40 diploma with Technical Honors
  • Alex is still undecided on his future plans, but is strongly considering joining the US Air Force
  • I respect Alex Hohl because you can’t break the kid.  He is a determined young man. There have been races that he has not finished as high as he wanted, but you never hear excuses and you can just see it on his face—OK…well….I guess I just have to work harder.