Jimmies News · No Access to Knepp Field or Track this Summer (due to construction)

The contractors will be going to work on Tuesday, May 28th at Knepp Field to begin construction on our new field surface at Knepp Field.  While they will not begin bulldozing the field right away on the first day, they will begin staging materials, and equipment, building a bridge over the track and making access points to go in and out of the facility.

During the construction over the entire summer, Knepp Field and the track around the field will be padlocked and inaccessible to the public.  As you can imagine, the contractors will be installing drainage and concrete work, etc, etc.  There will be trucks that go in and out of the area hauling away soil and bringing in all sorts of rock and sand.  There is no way that the public can be inside the fence.

If you, or someone you know uses the track for jogging or walking, we certainly apologize for the disruption, but you will not be able to walk or jog the track after Memorial day until the project is completed.   Thanks for your cooperation.

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