Jimmies News · Athletic Awards Night Caps of the 2018-2019 Season


Jimtown High School held theSpring 007 Spring Sports Awards program on Tuesday, May 29th.  The awards program is a chance to not only honor those standout athletes on the court, track or field, but also to recognize those student-athletes who exemplify the BEST of scholar-athletes during that season.  Pictured above are the MVP’s of the spring sports season:

Front Row: (L-R):  Kaitlin Margraf, Girls Tennis, MVP, Isabel Ortega, MVP Softball,  Madi Heidt, Girls Track, MVP
Back Row: (L-R):  Alex Hohl, MVP Boys Track,  Dustin Whitman, Baseball MVP, Nate Behrens, MVP Boys Golf

Not pictured is Yvens Reisacher, MVP of field events for Boys Track

Jimtown is proud to have had the following major awards given out on Thursday night:

SAM Award:  (Scholastic-Academic-Mental Attitude)

Girls Winner:      Anna Pope

Boys Winner:    Austin Pearison

Mutt Moore Award

Girls Winner:      None Qualified

Boys Winner:    Braedon Brubaker

Spirit of Sport Award

Trae Brubaker

Braedon Brubaker—Mutt Moore Award Winner Austin Pearison—Boys SAM Award Winner Anna Pope—Girls SAM Award Winner Trae Brubaker—Spirit of Sports Award Winner


MVP: Dustin Whitman

Mental Attitude:  Sammy Schwartz

Most Improved :  Clay Campbell


MVP:  Isabel Ortega

Mental Attitude Award:  Ayla McIntosh

Most Improved Award:  Haley Holmes

Girls Tennis

MVP:  Kaitlyn Margraf

Mental Attitude:  Grace Crocker

Most Improved:  Taylor Carter

Boys Track

MVP:  Alex Hohl, Yvens Reisacher

Mental Attitude:  Andrew O’Brien, Shawn Lange, John Sandoval

Most Improved:  Alec Schneider, Jon Wiggins

Girls Track

MVPMaddie Heidt

Mental Attitude:  Elizabeth Turpin

Most Improved:  Mirlande Reisacher

Boys Golf

MVP:  Nate Behrens

Mental Attitude:  Brice Griffey

Most Improved Bil Pawlak

Pictured above are all of the spring sports seniors that were named All-Academic in the NIC for 2018-2019

At Jimtown we also prides ourselves on the fact that our athletes are held to a high standard on the field of competition, but also in the classroom.  Education-Based athletics are by nature designed to be an extension of what is happening in the classroom.  Athletics are just one more tool which can be used to achieve the mission of education at Jimtown High School toward our code of Leadership-Integrity–Responsibility and Respect.

Here are some statistics that were tracked this season for our athletes at Jimtown.  You can see that the athleSpring 009tes at Jimtown perform very well also in the classroom and in fact many times do better than the students as a whole (including those who do not engage with extra-curricular activities at Jimtown)


Academic Statistics

Students from each spring sports team with the highest GPA for Spring 2019

Spring Sports Awards Program



26  students on the roster

19 out of 26  made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.466

Highest GPA on the team: Candra Yoder with a 4.33 (perfect GPA)

H.M. goes to Makenna Betzer, Sophie Allen, Makenna Farrell, Cali Campbell, Abi Snider, Madison Waldron. Haley Holmes, Ashley Schoen, and Jessica Alvey who were all 4.0 or higher                    


41 students on the roster

26 out of 41 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:   3.199

Highest GPA on the team:  Mathew Margraf   with a 4.289 GPA

H.M. goes to Clay Campbell, Brandon Coble, Lucas Bottom, Deacon Dillenbeck and Anderson Slabaugh who were all 4.0 or higher

Boys Track:

49 students on the roster

36 out of 49 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.437

Highest GPA on the team:  Jonah Greiner and Andrew Coble  with a 4.283

H.M goes to Jacob Koets, Jonathan Wiggins, Aaron DeLaLuz-Mancilla, Brendan Wu, Tyler Borders, Zekaryah Brothers, Seth Mishler, Alec Schneider who were all over 4.0

Girls Track:

40 students on the roster

30 out of 40 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.36

Highest GPA on the team: Charlotte Pendell and Anna Turpin with a 4.33 (perfect GPA)

HM goes to Elizabeth Zerfas, Carly Landon, Leanna Coble, Elizabeth Turpin, Reagan Schwinn, Jennifer Sandoval, Kolby Gluchowski, and Manese Reisacher all 4.0 or higher

Girls Tennis:

18 students on the roster

14 out of 18 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.594

Highest GPA on the team: Abagail Bredenkamp and Kaitlyn Margraf with 4.33 (perfect GPA)

HM goes to:  Bantalhwda AlTimeemi, Emma Deak, Emma Clarke, Anna Pope, Madison Garrett, and Brooklyn Logan who were all 4.0 or higher

Boys Golf:

12 students on the roster

9 out of 12 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 3.178

Highest GPA on the team:  Benjamin Behrens with a 3.953


  • A total of 186 students were on athletic rosters for the spring of 2019
  • 134 of the 186 made the honor roll on the last grading period—which is a minimum of 3.0.  

This is a percentage of 73% of all spring athletes at Jimtown High School are on the honor roll.

  • The average GPA of all 186 students who participated in athletics this winter:  3.37 (this is pretty consistent by season)
  • The average GPA of all students at JHS including all those who did not participate in athletics: 2.82
  • This is a difference of over an entire grade:  C+ to A-