Jimmies News · Elkhart County Health Department Statement on EEE (what does it mean for Jimtown Events?)

On 9-19-2019, the Elkhart County Health Department released a statement regarding the on-going threat of mosquito borne illnesses such as EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) and West Nile Disease.  A copy of that statement from the Elkhart County Health Department can be found by clicking Elkhart Health Department Statement.

It is noted that there have been no human cases in Elkhart County of EEE but there have been some infected horses.  Jimtown plans on following the recommendations of the Elkhart County Health Department as outlined in the statement for our athletes.  We have purchased bug spray with DEET and have this available for all of our helpmates that play outdoors.  In addition, we recommend that patrons or students that will attending our homecoming game on Friday night or any of the homecoming activities follow these guidelines such as wearing long pants, long sleeves and treating exposed skin with mosquito spray that contains DEET.

Baugo Community Schools will also be specifically and intentionally following the guidelines as outlined in the statement.  This includes, trimming excessive plant growth, making sure that all areas of standing water are cleared and treated.