Jimmies News · Grace Will Head to Grace

Grace Crocker (2nd from left) signs her papers to attend Grace College. Pictured are her mother, Laura (1st from left) and her Jimtown Cheer Coaches, Rachel Polston and Rita Gorbics

It is always an exciting time when our seniors at Jimtown make a decision to continue their academic training at the next level after high school.   It is especially exciting when they are chosen to represent their new school doing the activities that they have loved to do for 4 years of high school.

Grace Crocker is one of those seniors this year at Jimtown.  In a brief ceremony on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 in the Jimtown High School Lobby, Grace signed her letter of intent to accept an offer from Grace College.   Grace will represent Grace—next year as a college level cheerleader!!

Grace Crocker and her 2019-2020 Jimtown Cheerleading Teammates

Grace Crocker has been an amazing leader with our cheerleader squad over the past 4 years at Jimtown.  She is one of those students that you can just count on to be there…to give it her best shot and to always have a good attitude.   Our coaching staff has grown to rely on Grace to be a leader among her peers.   Respect, leadership and a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances are the characteristics that have marked Grace’s tenure at Jimtown.   This is a coaches dream.

Grace Crocker has also been a member of Jimtown’s inaugural girls soccer team.  2 years ago, when we announced that we were going to field a team, Grace was one of the first ones to come up to us and say, “I’ve never played soccer before, but I will certainly give it a try”    Grace ended up kicking the first soccer goal for Jimtown in school history.

We wish Grace the best of luck as she moves on to represent the Lancers of Grace College.   We know that she will do a great job and they will love having her.   There is no doubt.