Jimmies News · Clay Campbell signs with the Marian Knights (NO…not THAT one)

Clay Campbell is pictured with his little brother Casen, father Mike (former head football coach), mother Amy and sister Cali.

Jimtown High School is proud to announce that our very own Clay Campbell has signed his offer to attend Marian University in Indianapolis to continue his athletic and academic career.

Clay was recruited by the Knights not as a quarterback but as a defensive safety.   Many people associate the standout at Jimtown as our starting quarterback over the past 3 seasons, but forget that Clay was also an OUTSTANDING defensive player.   Intelligent, quick and HUGE for a defensive back (6′ 4″ and 215 pounds), Clay is known to read formations, and play-action quickly,  get off of blocks and stuff the run from his free-safety position.   This ability did not go unnoticed by the Marian Knights when watching film.

Clay was named a junior all-state football player last year as a junior and an all-sta

Clay and his family with senior teammates on football

te player this year as a senior.   All-State positions are voted on by the Indiana Football Coaches Association.  Clay was also named as the “Player of the Year” in the NIC South this year.   He rarely came off the field as our starting quarterback, starting monster back and starting punter.

Clay with incoming head football coach, Cory Stoner (former defensive coordinator)

Clay is also a three sport athlete for the Jimmies as he starts on our varsity basketball team and varsity baseball team.   In the classroom, Clay is also a top performer.  He carries an INCREDIBLE cumulative GPA of 4.168 while taking the toughest classes that we have to offer at Jimtown including dual college credit courses.   He has never gotten any mark in high school lower than an A-.   Clay hopes to study Sports Management at Marian and perhaps get an internship one day at the IHSAA.

Clay has also served for the last two years as a member of the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee.   These are the kids that you might see at state finals events in orange shirts, helping to run the logistics of the event or help with awards.    The student

Clay with Assistant Jimtown football Coach Ryan O’Shea

advisory committee is selected by the IHSAA through an interview process.  There are only 18 high schoolers in the whole state who are selected to be on this committee and it is a 2-year commitment.    The student advisory committee is largely responsible for the creation and continuance of our “Champions Together” program in Indiana which is a partnership between the IHSAA and Special Olympics of Indiana to help students with special needs feel like they also can be part of athletics and represent their school and community.   As a representative of Jimtown and the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee, Clay was directly responsible to bringing Champions Together to Jimtown,  Last year, they did a bowling outing with the special ne

Clay with Assistant Football Coach Dan Slabaugh (our future offensive coordinator)

eds students.   This year they did a basketball team.   We will strive to continue the Champions Together program at Jimtown even after Clay is gone.   Its a great program and both able-bodied and special needs students at Jimtown benefit from it.

Thank you Clay for representing your community so very well.  Thanks for putting u p with all the hassles that come from having your Dad as your head football coach.   We wish you luck in the future at Marian.  There is no doubt that you can achieve whatever you set out to work on.

Remember:   Stay Low and Hit em Hard