Jimmies News · Long-Time Jimmie Athletic Supporter Searches for Kidney

Many of you know John Contreras….. whether it be from church at Osceola Grace or as a 3-season clock operator or game-day DJ at Jimtown Athletic events.   John has graciously donated his time for past several seasons, doing music and running scorebooks or scoreboards at Volleyball, Basketball and Baseball games.  Rain or shine he has been faithfully been there.   He is a great guy….but to be honest…HE LOVES It!!

Sadly, I report to you that John is facing some health crises right now.   In short…his kidneys are failing.   It is a matter of time until he goes on full kidney dialysis or will be getting a new kidney with a kidney transplant.    Most people know that you can live a perfectly healthy and normal life with 1 kidney and kidney transplants are far and away the most successful transplants that happen now.   They are almost routine.

In any event….we are spreading the word!   Somewhere out there is the perfect someone that is a perfect match who would love to give the gift of life.

If that is not you, then you can certainly help by sharing this information online so that the word spreads and that special someone will be found.

Thanks for your attention