Jimmies News · Winter Sports Awards 2019-2020

The threat of  SARS-CoV-2 has forced changes to our end-of-season traditions which honor our best student-athletes from this past winter sports season.  While we cannot get together to celebrate the success and the hard work of our student athletes like we want to, it does not diminish the work they have done and the sparkling efforts that have been put forth in representation of Jimtown High School.   We are so very proud of our kids and the social distancing that is so important  for us to maintain now can never take take that away!!

One of the biggest pieces of news to come out of our winter sports season is to announce that Jimtown’s own Preston Phillips has been named by the Elkhart Truth as “Player of the Year” for our region.    This is a tremendous honor for Preston and certainly indicative of the progress that he has made as a ball player and a young man over the last 4 years at Jimtown.   Jimtown’s 17-8 record and runner-up finish at the Jimtown sectional would not have been possible without Preston.  Great Job, Young Man!!   In addition to the Player of the Year honors, Preston was named to the 1st-Team all NIC Boys Basketball Team.  This is the 1st time in school history (since we have been a part of the NIC) that Jimtown has had a player on 1st team.  The NIC is a basketball rich conference with many schools bigger than Jimtown.   Having Preston on this team is a very high honor for him and the school!!

Normally, our teams would break up into individual groups for coaches to have the chance to talk directly to the parents and student-athletes regarding the season and to announce award recipients.   Because of our current circumstances we are pleased to announce the following individual award winners via this Jimtownathletics.org article.   Plaques will be distributed to the athletes whenever the crisis is over and students are allowed to return to school.

Boys Basketball:


Girls Basketball:


Boys Swimming:

Girls Swimming:

At Jimtown we also pride ourselves on the fact that our athletes are held to a high standard on the field of competition, but also in the classroom.  Education-Based athletics are by nature designed to be an extension of what is happening in the classroom.  Athletics are just one more tool which can be used to achieve the mission of education at Jimtown High School toward our code of Leadership-Integrity–Responsibility and Respect.

Here are some statistics that were tracked this season for our athletes at Jimtown.  You can see that the athleteSpring 009s at Jimtown perform very well also in the classroom and in fact many times do better than the students as a whole (including those who do not engage with extra-curricular activities at Jimtown)


Academic Statistics



Girls Basketball

18  students on the roster

11 out of 18  made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.040 

Highest GPA on the team: Seneca Zartman  with a 4.330 (perfect GPA)

H.M. goes to Abi Snider, Jaycee Folkers, Rylee McPee and Jamie Lawson who were all 4.0 or higher                             

Boys Basketball:   

27 students on the roster

18 out of 27 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:   3.30

Highest GPA on the team:  Matthew Margraf with a 4.283 GPA 

H.M. goes to Gaege Wachs, Clay Campbell, Beau Barhams, Luke Bottom, Bill Pawlak, Beau Kaler, Hunter Konrath who are all over 4.0 or higher.


32 students on the roster

25 out of 32 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.25  

Highest GPA on the team:  Luisa Perez with a 4.330 (perfect GPA)

H.M goes to Tyler Borders, Landon Buchanan, Riley HOrvath, Connor Watts, Addison Snyder, and Alex Moyer who are all 4.0 or higher.

Boys Swimming:

4 students on the roster

4 out of 4  made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.752

Highest GPA on the team:  Andrew Coble with a 4.247

H.M  goes to Ben Behrens who was 4.0 or higher

Girls Swimming:

13 students on the roster

9 out of 13 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.518

Highest GPA on the team:  Elizabeth Zerfas with a 4.247

H.M. goes to Maicy Pickrell, Madison Waldren, Madison Garrett, McKenzie Stewart, and Macey Slabaugh who are all above 4.0 or higher.


27 students on the roster

20 out of 27 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 3.43

Highest GPA on the team:  Audrey Deak  all with a 4.289 GPA

H.M. goes to Sophie Allen, Cali Campbell, Elizabeth Kallimani, Emma Clarke, Shelby Justice, Carmella Kelly, Katherina Muha, Grace Crocker, Makenna Betzer and Ava Robertson,  all are over 4.0

  • A total of 121  students were on athletic rosters for the winter of 2019-2020 (up from 114 last year and 90 the year before)
  • 87 of the 121 made the honor roll on the last grading period—which is a minimum of 3.0.  

This is a percentage of 72% of all winter athletes at Jimtown High School are on the honor roll. (Slightly down from 73% last year)

  • The average GPA of all 121 students who participated in athletics this winter:  3.36 (slightly down from 3.37 last year)
  • The average GPA of all students at JHS including all those who did not participate in athletics: 2.87 
  • This is a difference of almost an entire grade:  B- to A-