Jimmies News · The Planned Return of Athletics at Jimtown High School

All schools and school facilities are closed by order of the Governor of Indiana and the Indiana Department of Education.  Jimtown will abide by these rules.    We certainly appreciate the fact that people are honoring of these rules, staying away from our facilities and following the guidance as directed by the State.   We also, understand that students and parents are very ready to return to some sense of normalcy and especially excited at the thought of a return to organized education-based athletics.    The schools at Jimtown are very often the center of the community when it comes to sports, clubs, marching band, theater, music, etc.

Per the “Back on Track Indiana” plan as outlined by Governor Holcomb, the earliest we would be able to begin any summer conditioning for athletics would be July 6.   Governor Holcomb’s analysis in the introduction to his plan is very poignant for us as we move toward the goals that we share:

“Let’s safely open Indiana’s economy and remain vigilant about protecting our health and well-being. We start by applying all we’ve learned about taking precautions to protect ourselves and others against this virus as we build business, employee and consumer confidence. Ultimately, we will get back on track and create an even stronger Indiana.” 

Health Leaders, Superintendents, School Boards and County Officials throughout Indiana are currently working on and through plans to make this happen.  Protections, protocols and mitigation requirements are all being worked out in an attempt to safely meet the July 1 goal.   We all want to return to things as “normal”….we just have to make sure that we are doing what we can to prevent further viral spread and teach the behaviors that will help everyone stay as safe as possible.

Because the schools and school facilities are closed until June 30th, coaches have not be able to have the traditional “call-out” meetings that we are used to.   During a normal school year, kids would respond to a a call-out for a specific sport and receive information about off-season workouts and so forth.  Because of the current situation, we will instead have “virtual call-out” meetings  with the coaches.

Students who are interested in a particular sport should contact the coach directly.   Coach may direct you to a team web-page or Remind App account so they will be able to disseminate information to you throughout the month of June in anticipation of the July 1 potential summer conditioning start-up date.   The coaches may have specific workouts and things that athletes can be doing on their own in anticipation of the season.


Head Coach:   Cory Stoner

email:   cstoner@baugo.org

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/JimtownFootball/

Boys Tennis:

Head Coach:   Austin Ward

email:  award@baugo.org



Head Coach: Susan Rathwick

email:  srathwick@baugo.org

Cross-Country: (co-ed)

Head Coach:   Joe Linville

email:  jlinville@baugo.org

Girls Soccer:

Head Coach:   Courtney Bradley

email:  courtbradley19@gmail.com

Boys Soccer:

Head Coach:   Briant Estrella

email:   bestrella1226@gmail.com

Girls Golf:

Head Coach:  Bob (Doc) Elli

email:  belli@baugo.org


Head Coach:  Rachel Polston

email:  rpolston@baugo.org


Stay tuned to www.baugo.org and www.jimtownathletics.org for continued information.   Like both of these on Facebook to receive updates on your timeline.