Jimmies News · Jimtown Home Football Games Ticketing Plan (at least for right now)

As most of you are painfully aware, education-based athletics has taken a huge hit with the onslaught of the Coronavirus and Covid 19.   Frankly, I am feeling happy and optimistic right now that we are still planning on playing our fall sports as many of the states around us have already cancelled fall sports or punted to the spring.

While we will be allowed to continue with contests (for right now) we will be severely limited in the amount of people that we will be able to have in our venues as mask-wearing, social distancing and general disinfecting rules will be in force per our local and state Departments of Health.

Since there is a lot of interest in football in particular here is an outline of how ticketing will be accomplished.    Once again, parents and fans need to understand that we have only a set number of tickets to sell.  Once those are gone, the venue will considered “sold -out” and we will not be allowed to sell anymore.

  1. All fans or those folks who are not directly part of the game will need to have a purchased ticket
  2. All elderly or health compromised individuals are encouraged to NOT buy a ticket and stay away from the crowds at this time.  See #8 below for information  about watching the games at home.
  3. There will no season tickets or all-sports passes sold for the time being
  4. Senior “gold-cards” or lifetime passes cannot be honored this year.  All people in the game must purchase a ticket to control the number of people in the gate.
  5. Masks will be required to get into the gate
  6. Socially distant seating will be marked on the bleachers.  Fans can sit in family groups but there must be space between groups.
  7. Visitors will remain on their own side of the field during the whole game.  They will have their own gate, own restrooms, own concession stand and will be required to stay on their own side.   The home side will do likewise.
  8. All home games will be streamed online for patrons to watch the games online.   There will be a whole press-release coming out separately about this.

Tickets will one game at a time and are to be sold to patrons in the following plan.   The ticket office at Jimtown High School will be open next week for the following hours:

10:00am- 2:00pm  and 2:30pm to 6:00pm   All tickets will be sold through the ticket office at the corner of the main gymnasium (Door A1)

  • Monday, August 24:   Parents of Senior football players, Cheerleaders and Marching Band Members may purchase 2 tickets.
  • Tuesday, August 25:   Any other (non-senior) parents of JHS Football players, Cheerleaders and Marching Band members may purchase 2 tickets.
  • Wednesday, August 26:  Any enrolled Jimtown High School student may purchase 1 student ticket.  Any Baugo Community Schools faculty member may purchase 2 tickets
  • Thursday August 27 through game time on Friday, August 28th:    any Baugo resident may purchase up to 2 tickets, (until the total allotted number is sold).   Be prepared to show ID that you are a Baugo resident.  Concord parents and fans will get their own block of tickets and will only be allowed to purchase those at their school’s discretion.

We are so sorry that we have to take these measures.  We really, really appreciate your understanding and appreciate the support of our community toward our kids and our programs.

Hopefully, if we all do our part, the virus situation can be brought under control and all of the controls like this won’t be necessary.