Jimmies News · JimtownTV Was a Great Success in Week 1

Last Friday for the opening football game of the year, Jimtown launched our first ever attempt at producing and streaming our own events live.    JimtownTV was streamed on Friday night, live from the Evelyn Fawley Memorial Pressbox and was produced by the “Baugo Broadcasters Club”

I am pleased to announce that we had 94 individual paid viewers on the first night!! 

This is unbelievable and a wonderful start!!    THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF THE FOLKS THAT WHERE WILLING TO BUY A TICKET AND WATCH JIMTOWN VS CONCORD!!   Please be aware that your ticket money will go to support ALL of our programs at Jimtown…not just football.   We are firm believers that if our kids stay engaged in sports, or band or things such as the Baugo Broadcasters, they are almost always better students and better citizens of our community.

Please be aware that we plan to offer more and more pay-per-view opportunities.   Our kids will get better and better and eventually we plan to offer broadcasts of basketball, wrestling, etc etc.    How cool would it be to live stream a cross-country race from up above with a drone??  (not there yet, but who knows)

Spread the word….let those folks know that live out of state or cannot get to the games!!   They can still watch and support the Jimmies by going to IHSAATV.org.   Search for “Jimtown” and the broadcast will pop right up.  You will create an account and push play.   It’s totally simple!