Jimmies News · Fall Sports Awards 2020

The threat of  Covid-19 infection spikes has forced changes to our end-of-season traditions which honor our best student-athletes from this past winter sports season.  While we cannot get together to celebrate the success and the hard work of our student athletes like we want to, it does not diminish the work they have done and the sparkling efforts that have been put forth in representation of Jimtown High School.  We are so very proud of our kids and the social distancing that is so important  for us to maintain now can never take take that away!!

Normally, our teams would break up into individual groups for coaches to have the chance to talk directly to the parents and student-athletes regarding the season and to announce award recipients. Because of our current circumstances we are pleased to announce the following individual award winners..   Plaques will be distributed to the athletes whenever students will return to in-person instruction at Jimtown.

The following students earned All-NIC Awards in their respective sports for the fall.   All-NIC awards are voted on by the NIC coaches in that sport.

Girls Soccer:

Abby Sanders   All-NIC

Talia Gates and Renee Anderson   Honorable Mention All-NIC

Boys Soccer:

Isaac Daniels   All-NIC

Peyton Lehman    Honorable Mention All-NIC


Cali Campbell   Honorable Mention All-NIC

Boys Tennis:

Matt Margraf   Honorable Mention All-NIC


All-NIC:     Cooper Frank (DB), Landon Buchanan (LB), Tim Hunter (DL), Isaac Daniels (K), Johntu Reed (Offensive At Large), Ethan Devol (RB), Nick Carithers (TE), Yvens Reisacher (OL), Stone Norment (C)

Honorable Mention All-NIC:    Hunter Hoffman (OL), Hunter Konrath (WB), Braden Garner (OLB), Jonah Greiner (DL), Brayden Campbell (OL), Keaton Wolfe (OLB)

In addition to the regular All-Conference awards, the Northern Indiana Conference awards ALL-NIC Academic Awards to those seniors who meet the qualification of carrying a 3.5 minimum GPA through the end of the season.  It is my honor to recognize the Jimtown High School All-NIC Academic Team for Fall 2020:

Braden Garner                       Football

Jaryd Widup                          Football

Isaac Daniels                         Football / BSOC/   BXC

Elizabeth Kallimani             Volleyball

Makenna Betzer                    Volleyball

Camri Garretson                   Volleyball

Kendall Griffee                       Volleyball

Rylee McPhee                        Volleyball

Macie Adams                          Volleyball

Andrea Leighton                    GSOC

Kolby Gluchowski                  GXC

Charlotte Pendell                    GXC

Here are the Major Award winners for each Fall 2020 Team.   The GPA and Academic Awards Statistics will be included at the bottom of this list.

MVP- Yvens Reisacher
Most Improved-  Stone Norment
Mental Attitude- Hunter Hoffman
Most Valuable Player        Cali Campbell
Most Improved Player       Lizzie Kallimani
Mental Attitude Award       Makenna Betzer
Girls Soccer:
Most improved: Cassidy Gates
Most valuable: Talia Gates
Mental Attitude Award:   a tie Jocelyn Sandovol & Hannah Zellers
Boys Soccer
Most Valuable:    Isaac Daniels
Most Improved:   Peyton Lehman
Mental Attitude Award:    Alex Cuevas / Chris Maldonado

Boys Tennis :

Most Valuable Player- Matt Margraf

Most Improved Player- Aiden Short

Mental Attitude Award- Dylan Cook

Boys Cross

MVP – Nathan Leighton
Most Improved – Alex Moyer/ Billy Langford
Mental Attitude Award – Cameron Nickerson
Girls Cross
Most Valuable:  Carly Landon
Most Improved:   Kolby Gluchowski/ Emily Leighton
Mental Attitude Award:  Charlotte Pendell

At Jimtown we also pride ourselves on the fact that our athletes are held to a high standard on the field of competition, but also in the classroom.  Education-Based athletics are by nature designed to be an extension of what is happening in the classroom.  Athletics are just one more tool which can be used to achieve the mission of education at Jimtown High School toward our code of Leadership-Integrity–Responsibility and Respect.

Here are some statistics that were tracked this season for our athletes at Jimtown.  You can see that the athleteSpring 009s at Jimtown perform very well also in the classroom and in fact many times do better than the students as a whole (including those who do not engage with extra-curricular activities at Jimtown)

Academic Statistics

Fall Sports Awards Program



66  students on the roster

38 out of 66  made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  2.972

Highest GPA on the team: Isaac Daniels with a 4.33 (straight A+)

H.M. goes to Miguel Fernandez, Cayden Inbody, Jonah Greiner, Samual Garner, Conner Watts, Jaymie Clere, Taysire Williams, Landon Buchanan and Deacon Dillenbeck who were all 4.0 or higher


23 students on the roster

18 out of 23 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:   3.57

Highest GPA on the team:  Seneca Zartman and Liz Kallimani with a 4.33 (straight A+)

H.M. goes to Sophie Allen,Cali Campbell, Makenna Betzer, Ava Robertson, Brianna Cook, Rylee McPhee, and Jaycee Folkers All with a 4.0 or higher

Girls  Cross-Country:

7 students on the roster

6 out of 7 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.819

Highest GPA on the team:  Haylee Young with a 4.283

H.M. goes to Charlotte Pendell and Caitlynn Track who also  had 4.0 or higher

Boys Cross-Country:

10 students on the roster

9 out of 10 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.52

Highest GPA on the team:  Isaac Daniels  with a 4.33

H.M. goes to Cameron Nickerson and Nathan Leighton who also  had 4.0 or higher

Boys Tennis:

12 students on the roster

10 out of 12 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 3.716

Highest GPA on the team: Matthew Margraf  with a 4.33

H.M. goes to Caleb Koets, Beau Kaler, Gaege Wachs, Dylan Cook, Aiden Short, Christian VanderWerf who were all 4.0 or higher

Girls Golf:

5 students on the roster

1 out of 5  made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 2.218

Highest GPA on the team: Elizabeth Sigler with a 3.57

Girls Soccer:

18 students on the roster

10 out of 18 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.114

Highest GPA on the team: Spring Geans with a 4.124

Boys Soccer:

14 students on the roster

8 out of 14 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 2.97

Highest GPA on the team: Isaac Daniels  with a 4.33

H.M. goes to Alejandro Ambriz who was  4.0 or higher.

Sideline Cheerleading:

31 students on the roster

27 out of 33 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 3.706 

Highest GPA on the team: Elizabeth Kallimani with a 4.33

H.M. goes to Carly Landon, Sophie Allen, Cali Campbell, Makenna Betzer, Audrey Deak, Ava Robertson, Emma Clarke, Eliyahna Brothers, Gabriella Gwinn, Carmella Kelly, Katherina Muha who were all 4.0 or higher.

  • A total of 174 students were on athletic rosters for the fall of 2020   This is DOWN 20 students from last fall
  • 115 of the 174 made the honor roll on the last grading period—which is a minimum of 3.0.  

This is a percentage of 66% of all fall athletes at Jimtown High School are on the honor roll. 

  • The average GPA of all 174 students who participated in athletics this fall:  3.21
  • The average GPA of all students at JHS including all those who did not participate in athletics: 2.65   
  • 3.0 represents a B- average.  Our athletes this fall performed at an average of 3.21 which is an A- average
  • None of this takes into account other forms of student engagement at Jimtown such as marching band, theater or clubs.
  • This also does not take into account student attendance and student discipline referrals.   Students who participate in our programs have a much lower absenteeism rate and much lower discipline referral rate than those that do not participate.