Jimmies News · Winter Sports will go on (FOR NOW)…but with Serious Restrictions

Based on an order from the Elkhart County Health Department, all schools in Elkhart County will be under some very serious restrictions until further notice, regarding attendance at winter sports and extracurricular events.  We are happy and feel fortunate at this point that our kids our still going to have the opportunity to play, stay engaged and be able to represent their school and community in interscholastic, education-based athletics.   Based on the current state of the Covid-19 spike in Elkhart County, the county has been designated as “red” which is the highest threat level.   Some things have to change in order to get this current spike under control. Authorities are rightly concerned about large groups gathering indoors in gymnasiums  all across the county and state.

Based on this threat, the county has elected to enact the following restrictions for all winter sports events:

  1. Until further notice all indoor, winter athletic or extracurricular events at Jimtown will be limited in the size and scope of the crowd in attendance:

    1. 4 tickets maximum will be allowed to be purchased for each player on each roster for boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball and wrestling and cheerleading.

    2. Each athlete will be given 4 tokens for a home game that allow up to 4 tickets to be purchased in exchange for each token at the gate.

    3. Each athlete will be instructed that the tokens can only be given to parent, guardian or siblings.  These immediate family members are defined as those individuals that are living under the same roof as the athlete.

    4. Players and Cheerleaders will be considered “part of the game”

    5. The only others in attendance at games will be essential personnel, defined as clock and scorekeepers, referees, concession workers, ticket takers and administrators and other workers who are deemed necessary to have the event.


    7. No visiting cheerleaders

    8. No scouts from other schools

    9. In instances where the 4 tickets being issued exceed the 25% capacity of the venue, the 25% capacity would be enforced.

  2. A sign in list will be provided at the gate for each person attending the game to be recorded for contact-tracing purposes.    Each person attending the game will expected to sign in.

  3. Every person in the school for an event will be masked with mouth and nose covered.

  4. All athletes, when not in the game will be masked (including when on the bench)

  5. All fans may sit in immediate family groups, but each family group will be 6 feet distant from the next family group.  Fans will be encouraged to spread out.

  6. The game will stop at the quarter or half and will not continue if those in attendance are not following the house rules as outlined above.   If we need to clear the gym to finish a game, that is what we will do.

The good news is that we plan to livestream each game.   You can watch the games live online.    All games will be streamed at IHSAATV.org.   You can watch on a laptop, computer, TV with internet connectivity or even a smartphone.   All you have to do is open an internet browser window and navigate to IHSAATV.org.    Search for “Jimtown” as one of the affiliates.  Once you find our channel, you log in, pay for a $5.00 ticket and you are good to go.

We certainly hope that patrons understand why we are charging $5.00 for the livestream.   At this point, with the crowd size severely restricted, the resulting loss in revenue from tickets and the concession stand will be severe.   We are hoping to make enough revenue just to break even and pay for referees, bus transportation, uniforms and equipment.   We understand that grandparents and others may be upset that they will not be allowed to come to the games in person, but the ability to stream the game for $5.00 to as many people in your house as want to watch is actually cheaper than if each person had to buy a ticket at the gym.