Jimmies News · Kiwanis Club of Elkhart Honors Winter Athletes of the Season

Pictured are L-R: Justyce Williams, Senica Zartman, Landon Buchanan, Hunter Konrath
On Tuesday, Feb 23rd, the Kiwanis Club of Elkhart honored outstanding student-athletes from Jimtown, Elkhart and Concord.  This annual Kiwanis program aims to spotlight those students in our area schools that are not only recognized for their excellence on the field or court, but also for their excellence in the classroom and leadership roles at school.   The Kiwanis Club has this program near the end of each of the sports season and then has a year-end program at the end of the school year.
We are very thankful and appreciative of our local Kiwanis Club for putting on a program like this.  It allows us to really shine a light on the important things in Education-Based Athletics…..(hint…it’s not about the scoreboard!!).   THANKS SO MUCH!!

Jimtown decides it’s honorees through the nominations and input from the coaching staff of each of their sports.  This winter…we are pleased to honor 2 young ladies and 2 young men that have been leaders at Jimtown both on and off the field.
From Girls basketball this season, we are pleased to honor 2 outstanding young  athletes:  Senica Zartman and Justyce Williams.    On the boys side, we are pleased to honor Hunter Konrath from boys basketball and Landon Buchanan from Wrestling.
Congratulations Athletes!!

Senica Zartman

  • 10th grader
  • Here today to represent basketball
  • She is a 2 year varsity starter and a 2 year letter winner in basketball
  • She has been playing basketball at Jimtown since Intermediate School
  • Senica is one of the young players that is helping to rebuild the Jimtown Basketball program after several years of coaching changes and older players bailing on the program to “focus” on other sports.
  • Senica led the team in assists and was second in 3-pt field goals, free-throw percentage and steals this season.  
  • Senica has been a stick-to-it, no matter the cost student athlete at Jimtown for her time so far in basketball.  She is a hard nosed kid that is competitive, and is not afraid of doing the hard work that is takes to win.  
  • Coach Williams:   “Senica Zartman is a great student, classmate, and teammate.  She demonstrates a hard work ethic and displays excellent sportsmanship.  Senica is truly the anchor of our team!  She is consistent, competitive, and courageous enough to keep others accountable. She is the ultimate encourager when things aren’t going our way”.
  • She was co-captain this year in girls basketball
  • Senica is a 3 sport athlete at Jimtown.  She is also on our volleyball team and girls tennis team.
  • Senica is VERY involved in her church and community service activities.  She is a member of the student leadership team and children’s ministry on Sunday mornings at her church, St Mark’s Missionary
  • At Jimtown, she is a member of our Fellowship of Christian Athletes program and has been very active in our Baugo-A- family program.  
  • Senica has been the homecoming representative for her class in both her freshman year and this, her sophomore year.   This voted on by her classmates
  • In the Community, Senica has been involved in the Pregnancy Care Center in Niles, Northern Indiana Hope Mommies, Transformation Ministries of South Bend and Feed my Starving Children
  • Senica carries a very impressive 4.258 unweighted cumulative GPA (BTW 4.33 is straight A+)
  • I care about and respect Senica Zartman because she knows who she is.   She does not allow other people to define her.  She is always smiling and always a positive influence on those around her.  Our school is a better place because Senica is a student here.

Justyce Williams

  • Justyce is a 9th grade student at Jimtown.  It is very rare for us to recognize a 9th grader in this program.   We are doing so, because she is already a leader at Jimtown and will continue this leadership through the rest of her time here
  • Here today to represent basketball
  • She is first year varsity starter as a 9th grader and is already the best player on the team
  • Justyce’s mom (Shaunte Williams) is our head coach.   
  • Being the daughter of the head coach is always a difficult thing…for mom and daughter.  This is especially intense, when there is no doubt that you are (as a 9th graders) the best player on the team.     We have seen Justyce coming from the lower grades for quite some time.  Justyce’s mom was a very talented 3 sport athlete at Jimtown, many years ago and went on to be a very good basketball player and long jumper at Bethel College.
  • Justyce has continued to work on her leadership skills, even though being put in a tough position and having people expecting things out of you when you are just learning and just a 9th grader.
  • Coach Williams:   “Justyce Williams is a good student and a naturally talented athlete.  She works hard on her skills and leads by her competitive play.  In her first varsity season, Justyce led the team in scoring, free throw percentage, and steals. Justyce loves the game and she’s committed to making our team better. She will play a huge role in the improvement of our team throughout her career.
  • Justyce is a 3 sport athlete at Jimtown.  She is also on our volleyball team and girls track team.  I am fairly certain we will hear more about Justyce in the future in the long jump and other track events.
  • Justyce has been a very gifted gymnast prior to high school.   She competed in USA Gymnastics working her way up through the levels.   When she got to the Vcell level in 6th grade she won the state championship in vault and was invited to the regional championship and won there in vault as well.  She was then invited to the Xcell national championship and was crowned the National Platinum Level champion in the vault.
  • We are pleased that Justyce has focused her athleticism into basketball and the other sports that she does here at Jimtown.
  • Justyce is involved in DECA at Jimtown and was a state qualifier in Entrepreneurship.
  • She has been a 4 year participant in Elkhart County 4-H in jewelry and photography
  • Justyce carries an unweighted GPA of 3.9477 
  • I am certain that we will continue to hear more about Justyce over the next  years as she continues to work on her game and works to make those around her better.
  • I care about and respect Justyce Williams because she is a natural athlete but you would never hear her talk about it or act in anything other than a humble manner.   She knows that she has a lot yet to learn and a lot of work to do to keep getting better.    She is very competitive and that competitiveness makes those playing with her better.

Hunter Konrath

  • Hunter is an 11th grade student at Jimtown.  
  • Here today to represent basketball, however Hunter is a 3 sport athlete at Jimtown.   He is an outstanding football player for the Jimmies team and also plays baseball (although he and the other kids did not get to play last year due to the pandemic)
  • This is Hunter’s first year as a varsity starter for the Jimtown basketball team and he has been one of our team captains this year.
  • In football, Hunter was a starting linebacker on defense and wing back on offense.   Both of these positions are two of the most physically demanding positions in football.  The wing back –especially, because you are blocking or hitting someone on almost every play in Jimtown’s offense.  Hunter is a hard nosed kid that is not afraid of contact.
  • Hunter was all NIC Honorable Mention this past season in football.  He rarely leaves the field.
  • Hunter plays basketball the same way he plays football.   He is not afraid to mix it up and many times has to guard players that are a lot taller and bigger than himself.   This never seems to faze him.
  • Coach Stoll:  Hunter Konrath is a true leader on and off the court for the Jimtown Jimmies boys basketball team. He is the motor of our team and his constant effort is contagious to all his teammates. Always being willing to guard the other team’s best player along with being the vocal leader of our defense.  His offensive game is just as impressive. Hunter is averaging 8 points and 5 rebounds a game. Including a stretch of key conference games where he had over 12 points in 4 out of 5 games. Also in those games he had 7 rebounds or more in 4 of those as well. Hunter is always trying to get better and is a sponge to knowledge and is very coachable. A key moment for Hunter this year was during the Concord game. We had the lead most of the game but a big run by Concord gave them an 11 point lead with less than 3 minutes to go in the third quarter. He stood up in a huddle and said “We are not going down like this. We got this, let’s get out there and play some ball.” This motivated the team as we were able to tie it and send it to overtime. He was a big part of that as well with 8 points in the fourth quarter! The sky’s the limit for this exceptional young man with his work ethic and drive.
  • Hunter is also involved in our Fellowship of Christian Athletes program at Jimtown
  • Hunter carries an unweighted GPA of 3.918 and is ranked 26th in his class of 160 
  • Hunter is involved in our Project Lead the Way program at Jimtown in engineering and is currently carrying an A+ in that program.   He is taking the toughest math classes we offer at Jimtown and is also in Advanced Placement English
  • I care about and respect Hunter Konrath because he represents to me the prototypical Jimtown Athlete.   His parents went to Jimtown, his grandparents went to Jimtown, his cousins went to Jimtown and he loves to compete for Jimtown.   He is tough as nails and even though he is not a huge kid, he will not hesitate to get down in the dirt and gnaw on your ankle if that’s what it takes to win a game.  He is a coach’s dream.

Landon Buchanan

  • Landon is an 11th grade student at Jimtown.  
  • Here today to represent wrestling, however Landon is a 2 sport athlete at Jimtown.   He is an outstanding football player for the Jimmies team.   Landon is a very gifted athlete.  Very fast, very physical and very smart.
  • We will get to wrestling in a moment….in football, Landon was a starting linebacker and also a full-back on offense.  He was named to the first-team all-NIC team as a linebacker.  He was recognized by other coaches in the NIC as being very fast, great flow to the football and a solid tackler.
  • Landon is another young man who rarely leaves the field when playing football
  • Wrestling just wrapped up on Saturday for this young man.  Landon finished the year in 8th place in the state of Indiana at the 160 pound weight division.  
  • All of his matches were very close and he could easily have been a higher place than that as 2 of the matches went to overtime and he just came up a little short.
  • He was sectional champ this year… Regional Champ and also Semi-State champion at 160 pounds
  • Landon has been a wrestler in the Jimtown Program for many years going down to the elementary level in our wrestling club. He is a 13 year member of ISWA.  He has competed at the state, regional  and national level in Club wrestling.    He was 4th place in ISWA cadet level.  He was also a Hyway Wrestling State Champion.
  • He was 4th at Summer Nationals and placed 1st at  Midwest Grand Challenge
  • Landon has a 99-23 record over his first 3 years of high school and was a placer at the 2019 Al Smith meet (Al Smith was cancelled this year)
  • He was 25-13 as a 9th grader and has finished both his sophomore and junior years at 35-7 each year.  
  • Coach Maggart:  Landon Buchanan is a leader on the Jimtown Wrestling team and a model of hard work to the younger wrestlers.  Landon comes into our room all season ready to sweat, work hard and be the best he can be.  He does not take days off and he does not take losing a match lightly.   He is already preparing for next year, his senior season.  Once you get a taste of success, you want it more and more.
  • Landon carries an unweighted GPA of 3.7982 and is ranked 34th in his class of 160 
  • He is on track to graduate from Jimtown with a Core 40 diploma with Academic Honors in 2022
  • I care about and respect Landon Buchanan because he is a quiet leader that gets others to follow his lead by example.   You would NEVER hear Landon talk about himself or be cocky in any way.  NEVER.  Landon does not say much but he leads by doing.  He is one that will stay and do that extra set in the weightroom or sweat for an extra 30 minutes in the wrestling room if that is what it takes to be a champion.  Landon has had his sights set on being a wrestling champion for a long time.   I know that despite the fact that he has been sectional, regional and semistate champ this year was good….he is not satisfied with 8th in the state.  Grab your lunch pail….Time to go to work!!