Jimmies News · Winter Sports Officially Wraps up with Awards Program




Jimtown High School held the Winter Sports Awards program on Monday, March 15.  The awards program is a chance to not only honor those standout athletes on the court, field, or mat,  but also to recognize those student-athletes who exemplify the BEST of scholar-athletes during that season.  Pictured above are the MVP’s of the winter campaign:

Front Row:  Macey Slabaugh, MVP Girls Swimming,  MaKenna Betzer, MVP Cheerleading, Elizabeth Zerfas, MVP Cheerleading, , MVP Cheerleading,
2nd Row:   Justyce Williams, MVP Girls Basketball,  Landon Buchanan, MVP Wrestling, Ben Behrens, MVP Boys-Swimming, Beau Barhams, MVP Boys Basketball

Jimtown Athletics is proud to have had the following major awards also presented on Monday night:

Boys Basketball:
Highest GPA from each winter sports team: (L-R) Front Row: Kayla Thompson, Swimming, Senica Zartman, Girls Basketball, Liz Kallimani, Cheerleading, Audrey Deak, Cheerleading (L-R) Back Row: Ben Behrens, Swimming, Connor Watts, Wrestling, Matt Margraf, Boys Basketball
MVP – Beau Barhams
Most Improved – Darrian Gillespie
Mental Attitude – Hunter Konrath

Girls Basketball:

MVP – Justyce Williams
Mental Attitude- Jocelyn Sandoval
Most Improved- Rhylee McPhee
AAA Award—-Senica Zartman


MVP – Landon Buchanon
Most Improved –  Connor Watts
Mental Attitude –  Aaron DeLaLuz
Boys Swimming:

Most Valuable:  Ben Behrens

Most Improved:  Jake Contreras

Earning All-Academic Status from the Northern Indiana Conference for winter sports, is Zach Contreras, Ben Behrens and Rylee McPhee
Mental Attitude:  Ben Behrens

Girls Swimming:

MVP — Macey Slabaugh
Most improved — Allison Melenia
Mental Attitude — Macey Pickrell
MVP — MaKenna Betzer, Carmella Kelly and Emma Clarke
Mental Attitude — Olivia Lee
Most Improved–Brooklyn Logan
Here Spring 009are some statistics that were tracked this season for our athletes at Jimtown.  You can see that the athletes at Jimtown perform very well also in the classroom and in fact many times do better than the students as a whole (including those who do not engage with extra-curricular activities at Jimtown)




Girls Basketball

19  students on the roster

11 out of 19  made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  3.184 

Highest GPA on the team: Senica Zartman  with a 4.283 

H.M. goes to Noor AlTimmemi, Rylee McPhee, Liberty Dover, Jaycee Folkers and Caitlyn Track who were all above 4.0                                    

Boys Basketball:   

28 students on the roster

18 out of 29 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:   3.115

Highest GPA on the team:  Matthew Margraf with a 4.33 GPA (perfect GPA)

H.M. goes to Gaege Wachs, Dylan Cook, Beau Kaler, Taysire Williams who are all over 4.0


26 students on the roster

14 out of 26 made honor roll

Average GPA of entire team:  2.667 

Highest GPA on the team:  Connor Watts with a 4.124

H.M goes to Landon Buchanan who is over 4.0

Boys Swimming:

2 students on the roster

2 out of 2 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.904

Highest GPA on the team:  Ben Behrens with a 3.999

Girls Swimming:

7 students on the roster

4 out of 7 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team:  3.005

Highest GPA on the team:  Kayla Thompson with a 3.60


31 students on the roster

27 out of 31 made the honor roll

Average GPA of the entire team: 3.713

Highest GPA on the team: Audry Deak, Cali Campbell and Liz Kallamani  all with a perfect 4.33

H.M. goes to Carly Landon, Sophie Allen, Emma Clarke, MaKenna Betzer, Eliyahna Brothers, Camri Garrettson, Ava Robertson, Carmella Kelly, Gabriella Gwinn, Kasey Kelly, Katherine Muha and Brooklyn Logan  all of whom are over 4.0

  • A total of 111 students were on athletic rosters for the winter of 2020-2021 
  • 74 of the 111 made the honor roll on the last grading period—which is a minimum of 3.0.  

This is a percentage of 67% of all winter athletes at Jimtown High School are on the honor roll.   (This down this year)

  • The average GPA of all 111 students who participated in athletics this winter:  3.200 (This is also down this year)
  • The average GPA of all students at JHS including all those who did not participate in athletics: 2.374 
  • This is a difference of almost an entire grade:  C+ to A-